Chobi Mela is an experience of a lifetime Renhui Zhao

1. How can you define Photography?
I am interested in the portrayals of reality with fictions. I have come to believe we are leaving in a society which is constructed by/for images. Everything exists to be mediated in one way or another, so nothing really exists without being photographed, archived or documented. Photography is a graceful attempt to be truthful. An image always trys to be the truth or the reality but it can never be. I think that’s the beautiful part, that we  can all hope to be a part of the reality that is taking place when we create images.
2. What’s your experience about Chobi Mela?
Chobi Mela is an experience of a lifetime. Its crazy in a nice way, peculiar and it works. Its curious enough, like the inherent nature of photography. I think a festival like Chobi Mela is really relevant and useful for Bangladesh and the kind of presence it generated is apt for its geographical and social framework.
3. What’s do you think, How can chobi meal helps to development of photography?
Chobi Mela itself is a development of photography. Its impact in the history of photography within the region is tremendous and is already re-writing new chapters in Photography.
4. What’s your experience about Bangladeshi photographer and Photography?
Munam Wasif on his take on how photographers should concentrate on a local context before fleeing the coop for exotic and unfamiliar stories in foreign places.


5. What’s your suggestion about photography for photographer?
We should control the medium and not let the medium overwhelm us. Its addictive to fall for the inherent nature of photography. If we look at photography on a critical level, it presents itself as a really problematic medium. They are a statistical variation of the real.
6. How can be chobi mela more effective?

7. What’s your future plan?
I am currently stationed in North Korea, if anything happens, that’s my future plan.  I think future plans of photographers are very much dominated by generic global events. Its not hard to spot the subject matter that attracts photographer from all over the world, more often then not we are trying to beat each other on who gets there first. If nothing happens this time, I will return to The Institute of Critical Zoologists for my zoological research work.
8. What are the major problems of photographer?
I feel photographers are liars and they refuse to admit it sometimes. No image inherits the truth on its own because it is contextual.

9. Tell us something about your family?
My father is a zoologist and so is the rest of my family, thus my interest in zoology in my photographic work.
10. Whats do you think, what’s the responsibility of a photographer?
Photographers should make us question our existence of the world.
11. What’s the similarity of different countries photography?
Photography is a universal language which I don’t think we can group into such niche differences. The image of buildings crushing down after September 11 appeared on all 19,883 major papers from around the globe and although the languages its different, I do not really need to know what’s being said to know what’s happening.
12. How can photographer build up a strong relationship with photo lover (who are not photographer, they like photo)?
We have to try to convince everybody that what we are doing is really very serious work that matters, even when we are lying.
13. Share with us your some interesting experience?
The photograph of my passport is actually a painting.


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