Sometimes with Fateme Gosheh

Salim 2008-30Interviews Question


 1. How can you define Photography?

Fatema: Photography is a variety of visual arts for me. I am a trained photographer, but my passion is painting. I have used painting when I have not managed to get the one that I want to tell in my artistry. By documentary photography can come close to reality as no other art form can. But I believe that is not reality without photograph’s subjectivity.


2. What’s your experience about Chobi Mela?

Fatema: Chobi Mela was a unique experience for me as photograph and a visitor in Bangladesh. Jag had not so much expectations from festival. I was completely surprised. It was A Well-managed festival. Many nice and decent people


3. What’s do you think, How can chobi meal helps to development of photography?

Fatema: Chobi Mela with its unique setting pass good task to be a place of many photographer and photo artists to show their works, a place of meeting between different cultures. An opportunity to change experiences, phenomena, create better self-esteem and confidence for photographer from developing countries.


4. What’s your experience about Bangladeshi photographer and Photography?

Fatema: It needs to be more demanding and researching more in society’s landscape. It will require more room for its presence and engagement.  


By participating in festival I discover another world of photography.

: I had no idea about photography in that part of the world even if I was born in this part of world. When study film and Photography it was most focus on west and their photographers. To participating led to know more about Drik Gallery and founder of it and everything and had to do with photography in Bangladesh and Asia. Surprising!

 Shahidul Alam Shahiduls commitment and enthusiasm has led to the festival is one of the largest in Asia. Thanks to it, I get opportunity to see more of Bangladesh photographers.

5. What’s your suggestion about photography for photographer?


6. How can be chobi mela more effective? Chobi mela should able to spend Fatema: more on its reputation externally and efforts to market it worldwide special in Europe


7. What’s your future plan?

Fatema: Exhibit my artwork around the world.


8. What are the major problems of photographer?

Fatema: Copy right, security: many photographers have been killed in the last time and during the war such as in Iraq. Photographers Safety is a big problem especially in the region of war and crisis-hit parts of the world. It threatens democracy through the existing risks to the photograph. Photographer avoids being in the danger zones. The world will miss the true images of conflict and catastrophes.


9. Tell us something about your family?


10. What’s do you think, what’s the responsibility of a photographer?

Fatema: I am an artist that is very controversial and accept no compensation referrals in my creation; it should be painting or Photography. Jag has always appreciated the variety that is not toothless in its storytelling.

11. What’s the similarity of different countries photography?

 Fatema: There are many different genes in the photograph like documentary, stage etc… In all these forms, one should not forget the photographer’s role in the photo. It would be naive if we think we just took pictures of a man’s in a workplace, but our subjective involvements. We should not think that what we show is reality. No, it is your camera angle, which shape and determine the reality you want to view.



12. How can photographer build up a strong relationship with photo lover (who are not photographer, they like photo)?


Fatema: Exhibition, photography magazine, online exhibition.


13. Share with us your some interesting experience?

 Fatema: I will share a nice experience I had when I hold on making “The face of terrorist?” It is in visual form.



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