Interview of Photographer Kosuke Okahara




  • What’s your experience about Chobi Mela?

     Kosuke: I have sent my pictures for their call for entry   then I received notification that my work will be exhibited. Unfortunately, I could not go to the festival.


  • What’s do you think, How can chobi meal helps to development of photography?

   Kosuke: Since I have never been there, I cannot say anything. However, as I see some of Bangladesh photographers, I feel that the festival encouraged them and gave more people opportunities to see photography in their life.


  • What’s your experience about Bangladeshi photographer and Photography?

 Kosuke: I don’t know much, but Munem Wasif is my good friend and I always enjoy having coffee with him.




  •  What’s your future plan?

   Kosuke:Keep shooting stories that are important to me.


  • Tell us something about your family?

    Kosuke: my family is doing ok.



  • how can photographer build up a strong relationship with photo lover (who are not photographer, they like photo)?


Kosuke: Keep creating strong works.


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