an interview of Photographer Rony Zakaria

Interviews Question


 1. How can you define Photography?

Photography for me is a mean of expression of curiosity. It’s a medium to ask questions and to fulfill my thirst of new things.


2. What’s your experience about Chobi Mela?

I think Chobi Mela is a great festival in a way to promote Asian photography, I didn’t come to the festival but I am sure that it’s a good experience for all those who made it to Dhaka.


3. What’s do you think, How can chobi meal helps to development of photography?

I think it can bring up the attention of the world about the photography in the third-world countries. To give more attention to the rest part of the world rather than just to focus on photography in the western world. To make photography more rich and vast than ever.


4. What’s your experience about Bangladeshi photographer and Photography?

I think they (especially documentary-genre) have a distinct style as a Bangla photographer and I must admit that Bangladesh is pretty much ahead in photography in Asia, leveling up with India, Japan and China.

5. What’s your suggestion about photography for photographer?

Take pictures more, and I tell that to me every single morning.


6. How can be chobi mela more effective?

I think it will be more effective if the promotion of the event is more effective.


7. What’s your future plan?

To spend more time and more discipline with my photography.


8. What are the major problems of photographer?

Funding. Photography was an expensive thing to do during film era and still is when we already using digital. Consistency is another, consistent to make progress and to be better.


9. Tell us something about your family?

My family is casual kind of type of family J

10. Whats do you think, what’s the responsibility of a photographer?

A responsibility? I think for me it is to be honest with yourself and to listen to your heart and mind more than others. If my heart wants to click and I would be responsible to capture the moment. But seriously, I think it is to fulfill my curiosity and share it with others.


11. What’s the similarity of different countries photography?

I don’t know for sure with this. But I do think that several countries have their own distinct style of photography. Like the lowly saturated photos (and rather boring hahaha) from Germany.


12. How can photographer build up a strong relationship with photo lover (who are not photographer, they like photo)?

Be honest in your photography and then we will be glad if they see it with honesty as well.


13. Share with us your some interesting experience?


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