Interview of Svea Josephy

Svea Josephy, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Photography), Michaelis School of Fine Art, South Africa.



Interviews Question


 Question 1. How can you define Photography?


Answer: Making an image using light. That includes anything from shadowgrams to video, pinhole photographs to film.


Question 2. What’s your experience about Chobi Mela?


Answer: I did not attend the festival and so was only able to enjoy it via the web.


Question 3. What’s do you think, How can chobi meal helps to development of photography?


Answer: I think that international Photo Festivals of this sort are important as photographers from all around the world have the experience of exhibiting alongside each other and learning from each other’s work.


Question 4. What’s your experience about Bangladeshi photographer and Photography?


Answer: I was not that aware of what was happening in Bangladeshi photography until I took part in this festival. From my limited experience it seems that photography in Bangladesh is thriving.


Question 5. What’s your suggestion about photography for photographer?


Question 6. How can be chobi mela more effective?


Answer: As I only experienced the festival via the Internet I don’t know. I thought Chobi Mela had a great website. Perhaps it would have been useful to have some feedback or a review of how ones work was received at the festival. I would have liked to see a catalogue if one was available. Is there one that could be sent to me?


Question 7. What’s your future plan?


Answer: I shall continue to do what I do: teach, photograph and exhibit.


Question 8. What are the major problems of photographer?


Answer: Funding is sometimes a challenge. Finding time to make work if one is teaching (as I am).


Question 9. Tell us something about your family?


Answer: They are fantastic.


Question 10. What’s do you think, what’s the responsibility of a photographer?


Answer: In South Africa during the struggle against apartheid there was a philosophy of “putting something back into the system”. This is no longer a responsibility and I don’t necessarily believe it has to be but as a photographer (who is also a teacher) it would be nice to see photographers sharing skills as much as they are able.


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