Nazlee’s soulful calligraphy


Nusrat Jahan Nazlee’s solo art exhibition titled, “Searching,” (starting from April 17) is on at Radius Centre, Bay’s Galleria in Gulshan 1. The title seems apt since her work merges with the spiritual dimension of existence and its quest. Her bold use of colours stirs up the spirit, encourages an inner dialogue, conjures up raw emotions and search for eternal truth and meaning for self.

Nazlee’s eclectic and mature collection of calligraphy with sprouts of flowers brings forth a certain freshness. Each work displays a unique flavour and there is a three dimensional element in almost all her paintings which are done in acrylic.

There is a painting called “Papri” which is done in fuchsia, deep purple, blue, black and yellow. The artist has managed to give each of the petals a distinct essence and character. The petals are all bursting out in full bloom, ready to be touched and felt. Another piece is called “The Sacred Relics,” featuring a gold encrusted chest with prayers written on it. The chest is locked and the viewer is left wondering what treasures the chest may hold. Nazlee has used her three dimensional style where the lock emerges out of the painting and the key seems to be the only thing that is holding the puzzle. The emerald and azure background lures the viewer and takes him/her to the deep realms of the unknown.

The exhibit also includes paintings that have doors with handles, knobs, keys and calligraphy done in shades of blue, gold, yellow, purple and brown, with flowers popping up. The artist says that nature radiates in her paintings since she loves gardening and interior design.

Each of her paintings is a soul-searching journey. Nazlee says, “I search for the creator through my art.”

Each of Nazlee’s works is a gem and shouldn’t to be missed by art lovers and connoisseurs.




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by Nabila Rahman


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